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WTAF. 'By simply changing ".paddleSport" to ".running" in the HKWorkout instantiation both distance and pace are available in iOS Activity app under Workouts. If paddle sport, no distance/pace is available.'

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Fitness activity route tracking with Apple Watch & Phone isn't working with activity type Paddling, but is working for Outdoor Walk. What gives?

How should I track distance & pace information when paddling?

Two week lead time for a new doctor appointment isn't terrible, but it could be so much better than this.


So is Helen Joyce advocating for dehumanizing & eradicating a group of people? Sounds like genocide.

from birdsite would you know (or be able to test this)?

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Does the AirTag local finding flow (X meters ahead) work if the owning phone no longer has internet connectivity?

Think off-grid, camping in a forest, nowhere near a cell-tower. Or in airplane mode. No other phones around. But with the owning phone and tag within Bluetooth range.

Going to do a . Reusing hot coffee grounds once to make weak overnight. Don't even need to clean the french press.

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Regarding Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045, I'm not a fan of Major Motoko Kusanagi looking like a little kid. Give me the 1995 movie style.

I've gotten 8 identical phishing calls today, all from unique local spoofed numbers, claiming to be a bookstore needing my credit card to authorize / reject a laptop order.

Time to turn "Silence Unknown Callers" on again.

Unexpected: 30L blue barrel fits inside a Stormtech Nomad 55 bag.

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It's traditional?

Whose tradition is that one? When was tradition started? Who benefits from it?

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