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^^ This is MeggyD using Alt text to create more beauty in the world.

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Okay, so here's the earth, chilling. "Dang, that is one sweet earth," you might say.


🐦🔗: has been exploring these ideas too. They're using a realtime evolution system, adding offspring to the existing simulation instead of ending the simulation & evaluating fitness between generations.

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I needed the #1980 in iTunes, so I guess you can benefit from too.

(Google Drive preview doesn't appear to play it, but iTunes does. Tagged, w/ embedded low-res artwork & lyrics.)

Thanks, @human_dude

sha1: 519b63c5ec9e617fe0f8ec4c5f47628465588088

As far as I can tell, my dumb cat ran into the living room window sometime during the night and broke a pane of glass. 🤦🏼‍♀️

There's shards all over his pillow and the carpet. Outer pane is intact.

Taped it up temporarily until I can get it repaired.


Normalize using “wild” or “amazing” instead of “crazy” or “insane”.

And yes, I still need to correct myself sometimes.


Would organisms being able to discern self from other be useful at this scale?

Maybe genome-theft and energy-theft are scaled according to how similar the target organism is?

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Pheromones sensing and production were included in the original simulation, but didn't appear to get used much.

How large of a neural net and evolutionary time would be needed for the emergence of meaningful cross-organism collaborative signalling (eg quorum-sensing)?

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Energy levels within an organism needed for ongoing survival Feeding on energy gradients in the environment or other organisms, expend energy to move or increase neural net complexity?

Radiation has probability of causing neural net mutations instead of outright death? Maybe light exposure would be selected for.

Genome theft, as part of eating?

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Dave Miller did some neural net population evolution simulations in late 2020 that turned out pretty neat. +

I am now idly thinking about additions to the simulation that might provide adversarial evolution pressure. 1/x


Still doing the survive-2020 challenge, one day at a time.

When did I become a person who hoarded a hundred plastic grocery bags under the kitchen sink?

How can I just *lose* a sleeping bag?

Did I leave it inside a kayak? Never pick it up from professionally cleaned late last year? Bury it somewhere in the garage?

Last time it appeared a photograph was while striking camp on 2021-07-05, though I'm pretty sure I see its storage bag on the living room floor on 2021-08-16.

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Boost this if you like soup or

if you wanna destroy capitalism

Chauffeuring an unenthusiastic Sparks Nevada to the veterinarian hospital for a regular checkup and shots.

How much disk space does demand of ? Is it (normally) bounded by time/space (eg index only the most recent n GB / d Days of stuff)? Or does it grow forever but is so inconsequentially tiny that nobody documents it? Or that's a problem handwaved to the ES admin?


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The story of how we have cheap hormones (birth control, transgender hrt, cortisol for arthritis) is WILD. It's called Marker degradation; an unpatented process that turns a product of yams in Mexico into various mammalian hormones.

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