Went for a little paddle (30km) and hike (10km) this weekend. Launched from Canoe Lake access point and spent 3 nights in the wilderness. Weather was delightfully dreary.

It is very important to calmly organize the forest into neat piles of consistent size and length.

Today I learned the Trucker's Hitch knot. I am not sure how I survived this long without it.


Do you collect grocery/garbage bags under your kitchen sink just in case or are you some kind of weirdo?

Final part arrived. Only took 6 weeks from break to complete.

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Successful camping trip off-grid.

24km of paddling over 5 days, and 2km of hiking. Did a bit of relaxing and sweating and splashing and reading.

Saw a black bear and a bald eagle and loons and many chipmunks & squirrels, but they didn't hold still for photos.

Harvested some cherry tomatoes from the garden today.

We made a risotto today. The fried sage is a game-changer.

San Marzano tomatoes are so pretty. They spread out pretty far and need a lot of support to avoid falling into the dirt, but otherwise are fantastic. I hope they don't all ripen on the same day.

Handle broke. Awesome. This is a temporary workaround. You hear me? Temporary. I don't want to see this hanging around for years.

African Violet has the most cute little flowers. It really likes being snuggled up close to LED grow lights.

Day 15. Still negative. No more symptoms. Other than the exhaustion, but I'm expecting that to linger for several weeks.

sucks. Wear your damn mask. Filter your damn air.

Day 12. I'm positive that it's almost time to get back to regular dystopia.

Day 11. Sleeping mostly through the night, with a large nap midday. Doing nothing is exhausting. And boring. Ugh.

Rolling cancellation of appointments 4 days out continues.

still sucks.

Day 8. Little less headache. Little more energy. Still very much testing positive. Still hiding at home, still napping. Fever has gone down.

This has been a debilitating week. Would have been a lot worse without vaccinations.

I recommend not getting it again.


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