One week until the Ontario Election Debate on issues facing 2SLGBTQI+ and other equity-deserving communities - May 26th.

I took of the 2022-05-15, as complexly obscured by clouds. Maybe there's a back there. This is unimpressive.

On the plus side, don't need any fancy glass or tripods to take uninspired photographs of the fuzzy sky texture. A cellphone works fine.

Looking forward to the on 2022-05-26. πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

While it will be hosted in downtown Toronto, I'll be watching the livestream.

didn't start Monday morning, so took the car. Charger overnight did nothing; battery was at 4.6v. Thought maybe a fuse had blown or a connector had shaken loose, but electrical system seemed otherwise fine.

Fancy tester at the shop intuited a dead cell, somehow. I got 6 years out of this battery, so I'll call it a success. Replaced it.

(I have no idea where my multimeter went; used a vintage oscilloscope as a voltage & continuity tester.)

Got the kayaks out on the water. Gross bird-poopy water made choppy by winds. An hour and limbs worn out from months of disuse. Looking forward to doing it again next weekend.


Seven quietly receives a lot of the tropes we’re used to seeing handed to male action heroes: bloody shirt over multiple episodes, gets the ship and the girl. S1 applies Rule of Cool to all her entrances. Main character energy.



Catra's and Adora's love for each other is so strong that they learned how to love each other even if no one ever taught them how to love or no one showed them real love while growing up. They learned how to love BECAUSE of each other even if no one taught them or showed them how



Okay, so here's the earth, chilling. "Dang, that is one sweet earth," you might say.



As far as I can tell, my dumb cat ran into the living room window sometime during the night and broke a pane of glass. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

There's shards all over his pillow and the carpet. Outer pane is intact.

Taped it up temporarily until I can get it repaired.


Still doing the survive-2020 challenge, one day at a time.

Chauffeuring an unenthusiastic Sparks Nevada to the veterinarian hospital for a regular checkup and shots.

Chemtrail emission skyrocketed over the last half-century, both mobile and fixed. Our bodies and environment are harmed by this miasma. We needed lower-emission transport and energy production yesterday.

High speed rail, bicycles, fewer lanes, reduced population, hydroelectric and nuclear production - every change that emits less carbon and other toxins into the atmosphere buys a little time for our climate & health.

I want to see those walkable green cities I was promised by 90s PopSci.

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