Went for a little paddle (30km) and hike (10km) this weekend. Launched from Canoe Lake access point and spent 3 nights in the wilderness. Weather was delightfully dreary.

It is very important to calmly organize the forest into neat piles of consistent size and length.

Today I learned the Trucker's Hitch knot. I am not sure how I survived this long without it.


we took all the world's reserves of coal and buried it in the ground and left it there?

I wonder whether this @Apple@twitter.com Emergency SOS via Satellite feature announcement will drive down the price of @Garmin@twitter.com InReach device & service.

Spending an hour dealing with Ontario's systemically underfunded public healthcare system. Yay.

Other than gatekeeping access to update my electronic healthcare records, it would have taken less time to teach myself.

Dusting tofu slices with salted cornmeal and pan frying in olive oil. Smells like tortillas and tastes like weirdness.

Do you remember who tricked you into thinking hydrogenated oils were healthy?

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In 1997, @Wired magazine published a long file "the next 25 years will be incredibly prosperous for Humanity" before making a sidebar "unless one or two of these ten events occur". Enjoy !


Do you collect grocery/garbage bags under your kitchen sink just in case or are you some kind of weirdo?

Final part arrived. Only took 6 weeks from break to complete.

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On the hunt for more dehydrated backpacking food. Premade pouches are kinda expensive at retail.

Considering making my own kits. The core ingredients (beans, rice, pasta, spices) are all absurdly cheap.

Don't want to buy a dehydrator yet though.

Sometimes I wonder whether @mookiebean@twitter.com and @aragusea@twitter.com are related.

Does @cohost_org@twitter.com publish/consume ActivityPub or similar to participate in the Fediverse? Or is it a standalone thing?

Considering what (if anything) to plant alongside Tomato and Calendula in the new raised beds next spring.

Monarda? Basil? Milkweed (by the fence)? Strawberries (potted nearby)?

Passenger rail should never be prioritized below freight.

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