Mixing up little containers of skim milk powder and butter powder for making KD in the field. Just add water.

One week until the Ontario Election Debate on issues facing 2SLGBTQI+ and other equity-deserving communities - queervote.ca/debate/ May 26th.

(And yes, every forum thread discussing this is a misogynistic disaster. Don't make it worse.)


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Maybe I wasn't the target audience. But I wish I was.

Representation matters.

At an absolute minimum I wish there was a variant of these games that swapped out all the body models & voices, for NPCs & 47, changing nothing about the gameplay/balance.


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I want to mingle with a crew member setting up her equipment, a captain commanding her ship, a mechanic wrenching in her garage, a bodyguard escorting her VIP, a guard more interested in her football team than security feeds, a driver worried that she'll be late.


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I want to play just about every game as a muscly woman. I want to sneak by a soldier while she's patrolling, lock a scientist in her lab, flirt with a programmer & steal her access card, and knock out a gardener to borrow her overalls.


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There is value in blending in, taking on the appearance and roles that belong in certain situations, being perceived as normal in an environment. What kinds of people do the designers see as desirable or expected? hitman.fandom.com/wiki/List_of is absurdly male-centric.


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In some ways it's similar to the micro-tactical scenario engagements seen in and and , but massively expanded in scope and complexity, with far more rewarding interruptions of NPC loops.

But the character design is problematic.


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I've heard a lot about the games from following @gamemakerstk@twitter.com & @Mette_P@twitter.com but only picked them up recently.

The level design is fantastic. The interwoven plots are nuanced. Being able to construct and execute a mission plan is everything. I adore environment puzzles.


I took of the 2022-05-15, as complexly obscured by clouds. Maybe there's a back there. This is unimpressive.

On the plus side, don't need any fancy glass or tripods to take uninspired photographs of the fuzzy sky texture. A cellphone works fine.

Looking forward to the queervote.ca/debate/ on 2022-05-26. πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

While it will be hosted in downtown Toronto, I'll be watching the livestream.

Friday 13th usually means biker meetups. I'm not wading into a crowd of people today, though. Especially not during a public health crisis.

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i love how my tl is just everyone way too deep on their own weird fucked up vibe and everyone just waves when they pass like "hey nice vibe looking real fucked up today" "thanks you too"

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Today I will spend most of the day looking at the Event Horizon Telescope image of Sgr A*!

This is the first direct image of the emission immediately outside of our Milky Way’s central supermassive black hole!!!

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attractive brilliant women traumatized by the tech industry 



Went to the dentist and got a filling fixed.I can't feel my face, and shouldn't chew anything. So therefore I get half-melted lactose-free icecream for lunch. Because I'm an adult.

Oh my goddess, @crowsx3@twitter.com, the soundtrack down here is an absolute banger.

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didn't start Monday morning, so took the car. Charger overnight did nothing; battery was at 4.6v. Thought maybe a fuse had blown or a connector had shaken loose, but electrical system seemed otherwise fine.

Fancy tester at the shop intuited a dead cell, somehow. I got 6 years out of this battery, so I'll call it a success. Replaced it.

(I have no idea where my multimeter went; used a vintage oscilloscope as a voltage & continuity tester.)

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