Kinda surprised more people aren't (admitting to being) burned out, considering *emphatic gesture at everything*

Should dependabot PRs be automerged after the tests pass? 🤔

Successful camping trip off-grid.

24km of paddling over 5 days, and 2km of hiking. Did a bit of relaxing and sweating and splashing and reading.

Saw a black bear and a bald eagle and loons and many chipmunks & squirrels, but they didn't hold still for photos.

Harvested some cherry tomatoes from the garden today.

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What's your favourite place to visit that's walking-distance from your closest train station?

Things are so complicated sometimes. I want to hide in the thriving forest and listen to the soft wind and look at the stars.

They're simpler.

(If further-away and scary-big.)

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⁦⁩ what if we held hands at the Homomonument?

We made a risotto today. The fried sage is a game-changer.

I hope I get to visit a Unionized Starbucks someday. They sound super awesome.

San Marzano tomatoes are so pretty. They spread out pretty far and need a lot of support to avoid falling into the dirt, but otherwise are fantastic. I hope they don't all ripen on the same day.



Drink some water.

You got this.


Whenever you're ready, go.

Fly, Nichelle Nichols, to the stars. Shine bright.

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. draws good muscles. 💪

(And butts.)

I just want bike lanes without any cars, traffic on which is prioritized above cars, which go everywhere, which are more efficient than taking a car, and which is cleaned of snow before bothering with cleaning the road the cars use. Is that too much to ask?

Part located in warehouse 60km away. Ordered. Expect 2 weeks for it to arrive.

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